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    All software will be installed with the latest updates!

    Hardware Related Services For Laptop For Desktop

    Dust Cleaning

    Clear internals of dust and debris using powerful equipment, no cans of air.

    FREE ($5 Value) FREE ($15 Value)

    Screen Replacement

    Replacement of a cracked or damaged laptop screen with a new one.

    $79 does not apply

    Battery Replacement

    New laptop battery to restore battery performance.

    $39 does not apply

    Keyboard Replacement

    Replacement of a damaged, worn out, or faulty keyboard.

    $79 does not apply

    Graphics Card Replacement/Upgrade

    Upgrade or install a new gaming or multi-monitor graphics card for better performance.

    does not apply $79

    Power Supply Replacement

    Not getting power? We will replace your power supply with a rock-solid new one.

    does not apply $89

    CPU Replacement/Upgrade

    The brain of your computer. Upgrade it to a faster better performing one.

    does not apply $79

    Hard Drive or SSD Replacement/Upgrade

    Don’t risk your data. Replace and upgrade that old drive with a new super-fast one.

    $79 $79

    Motherboard Replacement/Upgrade

    The foundation of your computer. Upgrade or replace it to get everything working again with peace of mind.

    $119 $99

    RAM Replacement/Upgrade

    Gaming, editing, or heavy multitasking requires lots of RAM. Install more, or replace faulty RAM.

    $49 $39

    Overheating/Cooling System Repairs

    Is your system loud and shutting down unexpectedly? It’s likely your cooling isn’t working well and requires maintenance.

    $79 $59


    All software will be installed with the latest updates!

    Software and Data Related Services For Laptop For Desktop


    We will waive the $49 diagnostics fee if you choose to have your PC repaired with us.

    Fee Is Waived ($49 Value) Fee Is Waived ($49 Value)

    New Computer Setup

    This package includes setting up Windows, removal of all junkware, updates to everything, transferring old data, installation of useful software like Office, and reboxing your PC.

    $119 $119

    Fresh Windows Installation

    Installation of a fresh Windows with all operating system and driver updates.

    $69 $69

    Data Transfer

    We will transfer data from a working PC to a new one or to external device.

    $59 $59

    Data Recovery

    We will recover data from a broken PC to a new one or external drive. In-shop data recovery is priced at $79 per 500GB of recovered data. If we must send it out, it can range from $450 to $650. We handle all the communication, shipping, and provide a recovery drive to put your data on.

    $79-$650 $79-$650

    Deep Virus/Malware Removal (w/ Quick Tune-Up)

    Includes removal of harmful software like mining bots, keyloggers, and ransomware. Visit our affiliate at to check out the anti-virus we recommend.

    $79 $79

    Deep System Tune-up (w/ Quick Virus Removal)

    We check the health of your PC hardware and perform out long list of steps to speed up your PC to as new as possible.

    $79 $79

    Program Installation

    If you need big programs like Office installed and configured, we can do that for you.

    $29/each $29/each

    Outlook/Email Setup

    We will set up your email with Outlook or another email program.

    $49/each $49/each